About LATS

The Latin American Thyroid Society, also known as Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tiroides and Sociedade Latino-Americana de Tireoide, and by the acronyms SLAT or LATS, is a nonprofit civil association of unlimited duration established de facto in 1975, with headquarters and legal domicile in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The main goal of LATS is to promote knowledge and research of the thyroid gland and its diseases.

For that purpose, the Association organizes and sponsors scientific meetings and courses; promotes conferences, symposiums and publications; grants awards for outstanding research contributions to the study of the thyroid; and maintains relationships with other national and international scientific societies.


The Latin American Thyroid Society aims to:

Promote basic and clinical research and improve knowledge of the thyroid gland and its diseases
Organize and sponsor scientific meetings and courses.
Maintain relationships with other international scientific societies.

For more information visit our website www.lats.org

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