About the City

Buenos Aires is a city rich in history, architecture and culture. You will gain a deep and enjoyable understanding of this ever-changing city of contrast, from its founding to its current day. Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the Latin American city that best resembles the cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere of the big European capitals.

But beneath the surface of this grand Buenos Aires, you will also find a different character, one that delights in its small colorful houses of La Boca (the old port and one of the oldest districts of Buenos Aires), and the popular Tango that lives in the streets of San Telmo (an area full of history, housing many antiques shops and a flea market). This is the blend that makes Buenos Aires an original and irresistible metropolis. Marvel at the city’s highlights, from history to culture and everything in between: its historic development, the immigration process from Europe, the cultural attractions (football, Tango music and dance) and the architectural heritage, all key features of Argentine society.

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